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Get To Know Jacqueline

After spending several years exploring many different facets of the fashion and social media industries, Jacqueline decided to merge her creative passions into creating JMK Media. Jacqueline enjoys building friendships with her clients and growing their businesses through her education and development processes of social media management and digital marketing, delivered from her services and packages. Our blog is home to Jacqueline’s social media tips and tricks, along with business related subjects that she hopes can be fruitful and resonate with JMK Media’s audience. 

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About JMK Media

JMK Media is a remote social media management and digital marketing agency.

Our mission is to empower our clients by serving them with success stories centered around defining their brand’s voice, visually telling their story, building their community through personable relationships that come to be clients, and strategic social media management.

Our passion is working alongside business owners and developing businesses who understand the power of social media marketing, but need assistance with strengthening their brand's recognition. We provide services geared for these clients through our package options, best practices booklet, and analytics reports.



Building an authentic community will grow your brand tremendously... that's where we come in. Take ease knowing our knowledge and tools in social media marketing will further grow your business to even more success.

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